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Kids Karting

Parents need to be aware that Karting is not without danger. Safety
is paramount and for this reason children’s sessions must be
vigorously controlled. To ensure the events are enjoyable, run
smoothly and as safely as possible we have the following restrictions: -

  • Minimum age 8 years
  • Minimum Height 1 meter 40cm.
  • Maximum of 6 children on tract at any time.
  • Children between 8 and 11 years can only participate in
    controlled lesson.
  • No children’s karting on Saturdays.
  • With the exception of Mondays all children karting must
    be pre- booked.
Size dictates which Karts people drive and they are charged
accordingly. The small cadet kart cost £15 for 15 minutes. Older
children driving the larger Sodi karts are charges the normal rates
of £20 for 15 minutes.

Children’s Karting is very popular. For this reason Monday’s
session between 3pm and 6.00pm children’s Karting will take
priority. Novice drivers find Karting quite tiring due to the concentration required, so a little and often is probable the best policy. Individual
children often come and join others on circuit during Monday’s session.

Please note the Cadet Karts which children normally drive are not
timed. It’s not the company’s policy to allow Novice drivers to join
in races until they have had sufficient practice and can demonstrate
a competent level of driving skills.

Children’s Parties

If you wish to include karting as part of a Birthday celebration we are
happy to make a group booking secured with a deposit. Bookings can
be made for any day of the week except Saturdays. Party bookings are
£25 per person and include exclusive track time (two 10 minute
sessions), and certificate and medal for everyone taking part. We are
also offering a Deluxe party at £30 per person which includes the
following extra benefits, we will send the invitation out for you, take
photos and video of the event, and make a room available for you to
bring your own party food.