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Q. Do you need to make a booking?
A. To avoid disappointments and long delays we always recommend
that you making a booking. Book as far in advance as possible is the
best policy. Sessions are available on a first come first served basis.

Q. How do you make a booking?
A. Bookings can be made over the phone, or by email. A deposit will be required at the time of the booking, and can be paid by credit or debit cards.

Phone number: 01865 717134
Email: office@kartingoxford.co.uk.

Q. What is the minimum age?
A. Children can start Karting when they are eight years old. They must
also be over 1meter 40cm tail. There is no upper age limit. Please
note very large people sometimes have problems getting in the Karts.

Q. When do you start charging adult prices?
A. Size determines which Kart people drive and they will be charged accordingly. i.e. If a child driver is too large for the cadet karts and drives
the larger adult kart they will be charged the adult rate.

Q. What about the weather?
A. We normally run no matter what the weather! We will advice you of
condition if there is any doubt about your event taking place.

Q. What do I wear?
A. Please wear casual older clothes (jeans or a track suits and trainers
are ideal). High heels and open toe shoes are not permitted. We provide
wet weather suits if it is raining. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you
stay 100% dry when it rains so bringing a change of clothes is
worth considering.

Q. What happens on the day?
A. Please arrive 30 minutes before your event starts. If you arrive late
for your event, it may be shortened or cancelled!!! Each driver must
complete an insurance form and attend a safety briefing before taking
to the track. Children will require their insurance forms to be completed
by a parent or a guardian. Crash helmets and race suits are provided.

Q. Can I tailor make my package?
A. Yes, if you require a certain type of event to suit your parties needs, please feel free to ask us.